Wines of Chile on its way to Prowein 2017!

ProWein is around the corner, come and visit us and discover the latest in Chilean wine!

The Chilean wine industry, spearheaded by Wines of Chile, is getting ready to present their latest wines and innovations at one of the leading wine fairs in the world - at ProWein in Germany from 19th to 21st March this year.

ProWein is a trade fair where exhibitors and visitors meet to generate new business together. This year there will be 63 Chilean wineries taking part on a giant pavilion designed to welcome guests to the modern Chilean wine industry. More than 56,000 specialised visitors are expected, coming from over 120 different countries, over the three days of the fair. There will be thematic tastings and many different wines to explore from all over Chile's diverse wine valleys.

This year there are two exciting announcements: the first is a seminar on sustainability which will present the results, changes and challenges of the sustainability code and reveal the Wine in Moderation program (20th March, 10am, Hall 10). Presenting the sustainability seminar will be Patricio Parra, General Director of I+D Wines of Chile; Yerko Moreno from the University of Talca; Stylianos Filopoulos, Director of Wine in Moderation and Sara Norell, Purchasing Director of Systembolaget.

The second is a special tasting sector with three different themes for visitors to explore - Innovation (19 March); Sustainability (20 March); and Quality and Diversity (21 March).

"ProWein is an excellent opportunity for the wineries to show their star products in potential markets, generating new business and positioning their wine as a Chilean ambassador," says Mario Pablo Silva, President of Wines of Chile. "This year we will also be presenting the new image of Wines of Chile based on our international campaign of 'Love Wine, Love Chile'.