Luis Gutiérrez tastes over 300 wines for Wine Advocate

Last week in Madrid, Luis Gutiérrez, wine writer for The Wine Advocate reviewed over 300 wines from 67 Chilean wineries for the magazine.

"This tasting was a unique opportunity to show the quality and diversity of Chilean wine," said Wines of Chile Commercial Director Angélica Valenzuela. "The national viticulture sector is dynamic and shows great evolution. Year by year we see an impressive amount of innovation and new wines, and that is why Luis Gutiérrez will be visiting in March to learn more about these innovations and share them with his readers and followers."


More about Luis Gutiérrez

Luis Gutiérrez is in charge of writing about the latest wines from Spain, Chile and Argentina for the esteemed publication. He is also a founding member of and writes for Spanish newspapers, and a wide range of wine and gastronomy publications in Spain, the UK and Portugal. He is co-author of '1001 Wines You Must Try' and “The Finest Wines of Rioja y Northwest Spain”